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Fitness Software Review

How To Choose Fitness Software

The top performers in our review are Weightmania, the Gold Award winner; Crosstrainer, the Silver Award winner; and VidaOne Diet & Fitness, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing fitness software to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of 10 fitness software choices.

Fitness software can help you with anything from creating a fitness schedule to losing weight. Many programs are designed for individual use but still have the optional for multiple people to sign on. We looked at personal trainer software that gives individuals, both newcomers to fitness and seasoned fitness enthusiasts, a tool to keep their goals attainable. Depending on whether you need to track your exercise or dietary habits, you have plenty of options with fitness software.

Fitness Software: What We Evaluated, What We Found

We researched personal training software that you can buy both online via download and as a physical copy. None of the software on our lineup is made strictly for personal trainers or fitness experts, even though they are suited for individuals who fit that description. Some software is better for people who are new to fitness schedules and setting goals, and some is geared more toward people with experience. We measure both by how many user capabilities, exercises and food database items the programs offer. We also took other fitness, exercise and nutritional tools into account, since all three determine how much added comfort you will have in building your own fitness schedule and goals. You can find out more about these criteria in our articles about fitness software.

Top Ten Reviews seeks, whenever possible, to evaluate all products and services in hands-on tests that simulate as closely as possible the experiences of a typical customer. We reviewed the products in our comparison by looking at the manufacturing sites of each product and seeing what the research indicated about the product’s offerings. The manufacturers had no input or influence over our testing methodology, nor was the methodology provided to any of them in more detail than is available by reading our reviews. Results of our evaluations were not provided to the companies in advance of publication.

Exercise Tools: Eyes on the Prize

When we researched each fitness software system, we took into account how many exercise tools were offered, their quality and how they matched up in comparison to their competitors. How many exercises the software offers is one of the determining factors, as well as the ability to add a workout that is not already a choice in the software’s database. We also looked at the software’s ability to set and track fitness goals. Fitness tracking software should also have a workout planner, which allows you to set a time in your schedule that will not interfere with other obligations. If you already have tools, such as fitness trackers, then this software will complement them by providing additional help. Training analysis is also important, particularly if you need feedback on what parts of your body each exercise will benefit and how strenuous each exercise will be, given your experience, limitations and willingness to improve. Having clear exercise instructions will help you with building on your goals and getting better at your workouts.

Weightmania, our Gold Award Winner, has 400 exercises already programmed into the software, in addition to every one of the other exercise tools we consider important to have in a fitness software package. Fitness software should give you as many options as possible and ways to understand it fully. Having both strength and cardio exercise is also important and will give users a broad range of exercises.

Nutritional Tools: Tracking Food
One of the things that helped us differentiate between good fitness software and great fitness software is the number of nutritional tools included to help keep food tracking and consumption under control. Higher-ranked fitness software offers a larger number of food database items, which allows you to track your diet and have an accurate record of what you consume each day. A digital food diary is another near-essential nutritional tool, and it is included in nearly all fitness software. It functions in a similar way that health and fitness apps do, but as part of a software package.

We also looked at the software’s ability to plan meals and calculate how much nutrition each one contains. Meal planners are an excellent feature for balancing meals and making sure all nutritional needs are met, even if you are trying to cut back on oversized meals. If you need extra help remembering and charting your nutritional improvements, then any software program on our lineup is a helpful option.

Fitness Tools: Keeping on Track
Multiple user options and a variety of fitness tools are offered by most fitness software manufacturers, and they should reflect the needs of people trying to get fit through better eating habits and exercise. Progress reports and graphs are useful tools, and our higher-ranked products also track medical data.

Help & Support: Staying on Top
A customer service email contact is essential for fitness software, and we prefer one with a timely response rate. Having software that allows you to download updates from the manufacturer is preferable, and is typically done by registering your software with the manufacturer. There should also be a user guide and a FAQs page that thoroughly answers all the basic questions about how to fully utilize the software.

What Else is Important in Selecting Fitness Software?

Food Database Items
Most fitness software has a strong focus on the nutritional element of getting fit, and it is important to choose software that has food items in its database that reflect a diverse diet. We looked at how many items each food database contains and how much variety it presents for users. We recommend choosing software that fits your current dietary choices and goals.

Our Verdict and Recommendations

Weightmania, Crosstrainer, and VidaOne Diet & Fitness are all solid fitness software choices for continued fitness tracking. Choosing the Gold Award winner was not tough once we saw how many benefits it offers its users, even though the others still have many strong features.

All of the fitness software programs in our lineup are fine choices for anyone who needs to keep track of their fitness with a busy schedule. The various programs reflect the range of options available. ProTrack has an unlimited number of users, which can fit with a family fitness routine. Private Coach has excellent help and support services. Fitness Assistant has a large food database on par with highly ranked software. Choosing one with a food database, more than one user option and a number of exercises is simple when you see the variety of choices.