Crosstrainer 7 Review


PROS / Crosstrainer has the most exercises out of any of the programs we reviewed.

CONS / The software doesn't have a supplementary app.

VERDICT / As one of the most exercise-rich fitness software programs on the market, Crosstrainer is ideal for anyone looking to achieve specific fitness goals.

Crosstrainer is a feature-rich, calendar-based fitness software program that strikes the perfect balance between exercise and nutrition. This personal trainer software has evolved into one of the top fitness trackers on the market with comprehensive tracking, intuitive ease of use and notable flexibility. Whether you are an amateur athlete or you just want to shed a few pounds, our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Crosstrainer 7
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Exercise Tools

A wide spectrum of people use Crosstrainer personal training software to track nutritional research including individuals, personal trainers, nutritionists, athletic teams and even universities. Such wide market appeal isn't hard to understand. This fitness software is extremely flexible and offers a wide array of features that make it easy and convenient to track all aspects of your health. When you first create a login, the software prompts you to complete a health assessment. This provides a useful summary of your overall health that serves as the foundation upon which you create healthy and attainable fitness goals.

Crosstrainer uses a calendar to help you track your fitness. You can schedule workouts, meals and physical activities on your personal schedule and view daily, weekly or monthly summaries of your efforts. The calendar has convenient drag-and-drop functionality so that you can add anything – from a food item to a workout – to your calendar. Modeled after Microsoft's Outlook, the calendar is intuitive and easy to navigate. You can also view detailed graphs of your diet and exercise plans. These tools help you gauge your progress over time and allow you to discover factors that you need to improve, such as nutrition intake or workout frequency.

An added bonus of this workout software is that it comprehensively tracks wellness factors such as stress levels, sleep quality, moods and medication use. Tracking these items gives you a more complete overview of your health and helps you see how these daily factors can affect your mood and fitness.

Nutritional Tools

Research shows that maintaining fitness logs helps you better stick to your weight-loss and nutritional goals. With Crosstrainer, you can create detailed exercise and nutrition logs to track your fitness. You can also set goals and create customized workout schedules. You can create workouts based on your training purpose, weight-loss goals and schedule. The fitness software comes with hundreds of different exercises you can use to build your perfect workout. Each one has an in-depth description that teaches you how to perform that particular exercise.

Crosstrainer uses the most recent USDA food database to help you track your nutrition. The database contains approximately 15,000 food items, which is more than most fitness trackers have. You can also add your own customized foods and save your favorite foods and meals for quicker data input in the future.

Crosstrainer offers a number of outstanding fitness and nutrition features that help set it apart from competitors. For starters, this exercise software program can track a total of 120 nutrients, all of which are color coordinated for easy identification. The software automatically recalculates your nutrient intake based on the food items and meals you log. You can also generate shopping lists based on your scheduled meals.

Fitness Tools

Some software for personal trainers limit you to just one or two user profiles, requiring you to upgrade to a more expensive version if you want to track the fitness of your entire family or simultaneously train with a group of friends. Crosstrainer is quite flexible in this regard, allowing you to track up to five individual users. There is also an online version and a professional edition of the exercise software that are ideal for personal trainers, nutritionists and other health professionals.

You can sync all of your data to the web version of Crosstrainer fitness tracking software, making it easy to input nutritional or exercise information no matter where you are. Crosstrainer currently does not offer a mobile app that syncs with your account, but this isn't much of a drawback considering you can access your account from any mobile web browser.

When it comes to exercising, you can print out any of your workout routines or exercise instructions, and even print a weekly or monthly workout schedule. The software structures workouts like spreadsheets so that you can easily adjust any of the values for further customization. There is also an audio feature that dictates your workouts, much like your own personal trainer.

Help & Support

Crosstrainer has excellent help and support. While there are no FAQs on the company's website, the manufacturer supplements the software with plenty of other useful resources. You can contact the company directly for technical support or reference the comprehensive user guide.

Crosstrainer frequently releases minor updates that you can download directly from the software's interface. These updates are free and keep the fitness software running optimally.


Crosstrainer is outstanding fitness software that delivers an array of beneficial features including wellness management, multiuser support, and comprehensive exercise and nutrition tracking. While a mobile app is not yet an option, the software fully syncs with your online account to ensure that you can access Crosstrainer to stay on top of your fitness no matter where you are.

Crosstrainer 7