VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3 Review


PROS / VidaOne syncs with all major mobile devices.

CONS / Its 8,000-item food database isn't the largest on our lineup.

VERDICT / Its 8,000-item food database is on the small end compared to other software, but you can add in any custom foods you want.

VidaOne Diet & Fitness is one of the top fitness programs for PC computers. This personal trainer software comprehensively tracks all aspects of fitness including diet, exercise and health. Although the application resides on your desktop, VidaOne syncs with all major mobile devices, so you can track your diet and exercise no matter where you are. This unrivaled flexibility in conjunction with its rich features earns VidaOne our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for personal training software.

VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3
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Exercise Tools

VidaOne Diet & Fitness offers some unique features that set it apart from its competitors. Most notable is its compatibility with popular mobile devices, a rarity among fitness software. Although you download VidaOne locally, the workout software syncs with Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Palm and Apple devices. With the portability this affords, you can record your progress as it occurs, no matter where you are.

Similarly, the software syncs with many Polar heart rate monitors, Garmin sports watches and GPS devices. You can download your workout schedule and any of your body measurements, such as BMR, BMI and LBM, directly into VidaOne for a complete health assessment.

Perhaps one of the best features of VidaOne Diet & Exercise is that it allows an unlimited number of users. This is notable because most fitness software applications limit the number of unique logins you can create. With VidaOne, the whole family can create logins to track their personal fitness.

Nutritional Tools

VidaOne Diet & Fitness has several integrated diet plans that you can choose from, including ones that are vegetarian, plant-based, low-carb and based on the USDA Food Pyramid. Few fitness programs we reviewed offer this. With other applications, you have to create your own diet plan by selecting your own food for each meal.

VidaOne's food database contains more than 8,000 unique items catalogued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. While a few other products on our lineup boast larger databases, VidaOne's database is not lacking. You can add any custom food item you want. You can tag your favorites for single-click input in the future.

You can use the food organizer to customize your food requirements to include only the foods you know you should eat for the particular diet you have selected. You can add or delete foods at any time and take advantage of the meal-scheduling feature.

Fitness Tools

When it comes to total fitness functionality, VidaOne Diet & Fitness reigns supreme. The fitness tracker has hundreds of exercises that you can use to build customized gym or home workout routines. Each one has detailed instructions on how to properly and safely perform the workout. Giving you a digital personal trainer helps you understand what parts of the body are used in each exercise, and it gives you guidance during unfamiliar exercises. You can also add or delete any exercises as you see fit and track the duration of the workout and number of calories you burned.

Help & Support

This workout software comes with a number of support resources. A comprehensive user guide helps you learn more about the software and its features. The manufacturer of VidaOne also provides technical support via email, FAQs on its website and update downloads free of charge, while many other services have downloads that require payments.


VidaOne Diet & Fitness is a comprehensive fitness-tracking software system that delivers top-notch features and tracking functionality. This exercise software provides the tools to build the diet and exercise plan to meet your personal fitness goals. Additionally, its mobile-syncing functionality makes it convenient to stay on top of your goals no matter where you are. VidaOne Diet & Fitness can help you lose weight or train for your next marathon.

VidaOne Diet & Fitness 3